wedding planning

"Do I need a second photographer?"

This is a question we often get asked and tend to hear when couples are deciding on their photographer/s. Since we are a photographer duo, there is a certain bias here, but we can honestly say that no, you don’t NEED a second photographer on your wedding day or elopement, but we will also say with utmost enthusiasm that yes, we highly recommend having one.

The reason for this is simple: two photographers mean two different perspectives. On such an important milestone and event such as your wedding day, having two points-of-view can ultimately give you a more diverse look into what transpired during your event. Having one photographer will give you all that you need, but having a second storyteller will allow them to deliver you with all the necessary shots and then some.

Here are some examples of what we mean of the same scenes but through two different perspectives:


Aside from getting different angles during the same moments, having two photographers will also allow them to photograph separately and capture moments that are happening at different places at the same time.


As always final decisions should always be up to you BOTH. We always recommend sitting down together and coming up with a laid back list of pros and cons. This way you can guarantee that you made the right choice that is good for the two of you. Some things to consider when deciding: are you getting ready together, how many guests you have, your wedding venues for both the ceremony and reception, the space and how expansive it is, your timeline, and many more. As photographers AND a duo that work very well and complement each other’s work, we are clearly for having two wedding photographers no matter what. You get different perspectives, potentially capture more moments happening at the same time, and gain two friends by the end of it ;)

You're Engaged - Now What!

Congratulations! You both are committing to the most wonderful kind of partnership, vowing to each other for the rest of your days. The day we got engaged was one of the happiest days ever. It was overwhelmingly joyous and we were filled with awe and inexplicable excitement! 


The first thing we did was tell our parents, our siblings, and our bestest friends. We were up in Mt Rainier National Park where service was hard to come by so we hoped they would all get our group texts with a photo of the ring and Mt Rainier in the background. Their ecstatic responses touched our hearts and will be unforgettable to us. 

The first advice we have for you is to enjoy this time together. Embrace each other, think about the journey you both took to get you to this point. Nobody knows your story more than you two and you should take the time to rejoice in this new chapter in your lives.

Next, celebrate with your loved ones! Often relationships are built and strengthened by the people around you. Toast, reminisce, and look forward together. 

Once things settle a bit and you took all the time to relish in this life-changing decision, you can start thinking about the next step: how you're going to get married. Whether you are eloping or having a wedding, here are some things to think about.



Once you get into the rhythm of wedding planning, it is easy to lose sight of why you are having a wedding in the first place: each other. Always take planning one step at a time and remember that though linen colors and centerpieces are adorable and fun to think about, all that matters is you both getting married at the end of the day. 

2. Set a date and start a guest list. 

Arguably, this is the most important way to start in terms of wedding planning. Without your date and rough guest count, it will be near-impossible to book your venue. Your venue will greatly depend on when it will take place and how many guests they can accommodate. This will also greatly impact the next step to think about - budget. 

3. Set a budget. 

Our biggest tip is to only plan the wedding you and your partner can afford and/or are willing to pay for. It's easy to get carried away with all the little details of a wedding but it's important to stick to the budget you set. This ensures that you will not be in debt after your wedding - not a good start to your marriage! If there are others offering to generously gift a certain amount, consider that as well. 

4. SAVE NOW and use some of your living expenses for the little things.

Have a solid savings account accounted for your wedding. Then, to make things easier, use some of your living finances to supplement. What we mean by this is to buy little things here and there so that you're not just pulling from your savings every time. Some of the things you can buy little by little are bridesmaids gifts, thrifted vases, stamps from a post office run... in the grand scheme of things, while you're still spending money, it won't feel like such a huge chunk of expenses coming out of your hard-earned savings. 


5. Planning timelines and checklist. 

This will vary per couple, but once you have the date, guest list count, and venue booked, it's good to stay organized by checking off items one-by-one. To stay calm, we'd suggest coming up with a top three priority list. This prioritizes specific vendors and leaves the others for later which will leave you with less stress. We found online resources like A Practical Wedding to be very helpful. They have free spreadsheets that you can download and they cater towards all types of brides from a variety of budgets! Another tool are physical planners. Erin Condren is always a solid choice for planners, but there are many etsy shops that offer beautiful (and affordable) printable planners! 

6. Focus on one wedding vendor at a time. 

Caterers, photographers, officiants, videographers, djs/bands... the list goes on and it can be very overwhelming if you are trying to book all of them at once. We suggest focusing on your top lists first. If you prioritize photography, focus on getting them first. Then, check of your list one by one. 

7. Try to keep calm, stay organized, and enjoy every moment! 

We highly advise you to enjoy every moment. Being engaged can be fun and overwhelming, but it only comes by once. Keep organized, be resourceful, and get creative. Enjoy every moment. I know we are.