erin & Earl knew how they wanted their wedding day to look like, to feel like, to be like. ‘Colorful’ and ‘bold’ were the words they used to describe their vision. As two artistic and creative individuals, this idea fit perfectly for them, just like how they themselves were so obviously meant to be with each other. Together they are supportive, cheerful, welcoming, spontaneous, and warm-hearted. They make you feel welcome, even though you’ve only just met. They ooze spontaneity and excitement, cheerfulness and joy. Personally we have both been looking forward to their wedding weekend for a few months especially after photographing their engagement photos; we were excited to capture the cheerful, abstract, and artsy imagery they had for their special day, and we can definitely say their bold and colorful wedding weekend was definitely one for the books.

The weekend started for us when we got to their venue, Tierra Retreat Center. We were taken aback by the serene and peaceful environment this setting had. Tucked in the forests in Leavenworth, erin & Earl immediately made us feel welcome by providing us a cabin and inviting us to document their jam night session at this cozy yurt the venue had. That evening under the stars, they sang and played instruments together with their family and friends. erin & Earl also took their turns getting their nails done by their relative, lit up by nothing but the yurt’s calming ambiance and a phone flashlight. Surrounded by their friends and family playing on through the evening, it felt relaxed and homey, like we were just visiting friends during a sleepover. There was a sense of warmth and community, and it was something we loved about erin & Earl immediately.

The next day started out early and we joined everyone as they set up the beautiful space. We were greeted by the tranquility of the forest. The temperature was just right too. Slightly cool and crisp while simultaneously feeling cozy and bright. When we looked at the weather reports, the day promised a perfect spring weather. As “expected,” the weather wanted to do its own thing. Just before the ceremony was scheduled to begin, it began to rain. And then it hailed. And then it snowed quite heavily. We took advantage of this crazy changing weather and ran outside to get some images of erin & Earl in the falling snow, wondering if the ceremony would have to be moved indoors. After we snapped a few images of erin & Earl dancing and playing outside, the snow stopped and suddenly became sunny again. The ceremony, which was outdoors at this incredible amphitheater in the woods was back on!

Their day went on, they celebrated, and they continued to embrace whatever happened with open arms. To be honest it felt like a perfect complement to their friendship and love story: spontaneous, adventurous, creative, filled of life’s ups and downs all while maintaining the beauty of a solid and meaningful relationship alongside the people they’ve chosen to keep.

"Do I need a second photographer?"

This is a question we often get asked and tend to hear when couples are deciding on their photographer/s. Since we are a photographer duo, there is a certain bias here, but we can honestly say that no, you don’t NEED a second photographer on your wedding day or elopement, but we will also say with utmost enthusiasm that yes, we highly recommend having one.

The reason for this is simple: two photographers mean two different perspectives. On such an important milestone and event such as your wedding day, having two points-of-view can ultimately give you a more diverse look into what transpired during your event. Having one photographer will give you all that you need, but having a second storyteller will allow them to deliver you with all the necessary shots and then some.

Here are some examples of what we mean of the same scenes but through two different perspectives:


Aside from getting different angles during the same moments, having two photographers will also allow them to photograph separately and capture moments that are happening at different places at the same time.


As always final decisions should always be up to you BOTH. We always recommend sitting down together and coming up with a laid back list of pros and cons. This way you can guarantee that you made the right choice that is good for the two of you. Some things to consider when deciding: are you getting ready together, how many guests you have, your wedding venues for both the ceremony and reception, the space and how expansive it is, your timeline, and many more. As photographers AND a duo that work very well and complement each other’s work, we are clearly for having two wedding photographers no matter what. You get different perspectives, potentially capture more moments happening at the same time, and gain two friends by the end of it ;)