We are Mike and Jill

Husband and wife. Together for 8 years, married since 10.04.2019. We are also wedding photographers who put all our hearts into capturing raw emotion, irreplaceable moments, love stories, and beautiful landscapes through natural, candid, and photojournalistic imagery. With our photos we hope to capture all the irreplaceable moments that will happen during your wedding day. We work together as partners in life and in this craft with the full intention of delivering photos that will make you feel all the emotions again, relive the priceless moments, and keep a significant heirloom for a lifetime.

photo of us by CEDAR & PINES


Our story began in 2011. It was an instant connection that grew into the most meaningful and life-changing bond. A year into our relationship, unforeseen circumstances made Mike move up to Seattle and Jillian stayed in the Bay Area. For seven years being in a long distance relationship, we can attest that relationships aren't always easy. On top of that, we had to nurture ours with hundreds of miles between us. Despite our unconventional situation, we chose every day to go through life this way. To us, it was without any doubt that we were to spend life with each other. Through these years, we have grown individually and as a couple. We have been molded and strengthened. We even started this business together and we LOVE it.

In 2017, we got engaged in Mount Rainier National Park - one of our favorite places! In October 4, 2019 we got married and are now happily living together, looking forward to spending the rest of our days in one place, doing what we love, writing new chapters in this beautiful and crazy story we get to call our own.

Together we strive to live our life without taking anything for granted and we live for all our countless passions: our family, our closest friends, the environment and the planet, education and literacy, and caring for natural places. Together we live for spontaneity and adventures. We especially love spending time together in the great outdoors! We love hiking, camping, star gazing, and going on road trips. We love to try to wake up early to catch the sunrise and we long to chase sunsets for that gorgeous golden light. We have a special place in our hearts for mountains, dogs, and National Parks. As a couple, we just love exploring beautiful, natural places together and discovering new places we otherwise wouldn't see if we didn't go further, stayed up later, woke up earlier, and ventured out longer. Occasionally though we do love those lazy rainy days staying in, wearing our pajamas, binge-watching shows together, and drinking hot chocolate, dreaming about our life and the next adventures to come.

photo taken in Yosemite by CEDAR AND PINES

Though we share many of the same passions and share the same values, as individuals we can be very different from each other, but we believe that some of our biggest strengths as a couple are those differences. We support each other on our separate endeavors, we challenge each other to think outside of our comfort zones and perspectives, we push each other to continuously grow as individuals, and we help each other become better versions of ourselves each day. In photography, this works well because we never just shoot the same thing. Though our subjects are the same, we photograph from different perspectives, angles, and points-of-view. Together we make a collaborative effort while still doing our own thing, making our photography diverse yet seamless. 



Passionate about photography, the outdoors, the environment, and science.

Aside from weddings, I am incredibly passionate about landscape photography as well as photo journalism. My goal with my images is to encourage others to get out there and explore their own environment. In these adventures outdoors, I hope that they are inspired to respect, appreciate, and care for the natural beauty on this planet. After all, we come from nature. We live in it, and we inevitably will return to it. Our greatest and best legacy must be the preservation and protection of what is left on what is currently our one and only home. Other than that, I love hiking, dogs, cold weather, camping, wildlife, National Parks, and glorious sunsets.

Photo by Cedar & Pines



Passionate about education, literacy, creativity, books, art, social justice.

Photography came to me because I believe in the power of storytelling. Stories can be transcendent and transformative; it can be a tool that can change people’s outlook and perspectives. Whether they're from books or photographs, I have always appreciated the power of a story well told.

Some other things I love aside from photography: dogs (currently searching for our forever best friend), mountains, writing, road trips, rain, bonfires, plants, hiking, nerdy things, forests, and kind people.

Photo by Cedar & Pines