We are Mike and Jill.

Soon to be husband and wife. Each other's best friend.

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We are both lovers of the outdoors and nature, of adventure and spontaneity. We have a bucket list in which we want to visit as many national parks as we can. We like going on long drives and sleeping under the stars. We love quiet mornings and stunning red skies in the late afternoon.

We also love LOVE. That real, genuine love that emanates and shows through in the smallest [but defining] moments, and we love capturing it. Like I've done in M. Hitchner Photography, we will continue to both strive to capture these snippets that highlight that rare, beautiful thing. We also fall for warm and inspiring individuals who wear their hearts on their sleeves, who are passionate about life, and about each other. We love real emotion and stories and it would be an honor to capture all these elements and show them through natural, vivid, and candid imagery. 


Why are we called Aspen & Cedar? We feel we share similarities with both Aspen and Cedar. Like these strong (but completely different) trees, the love we've built through the years of being a long-distance couple have become just as grounded and indestructible. Over the years, we have been weathered and tested, but no matter what, we stand tall and proud of how far we have let each other grow for our own selves and for each other.

If you also found your life partner - your best friend, your confidant, and your rock! - your love story deserves to be told in the most genuine way that is true to who you both are as individuals and as a couple. As a duo, we hope to have the honor to tell your love story through our photography.