What is your style? 

We specialize in candid and journalistic storytelling. We are all about real moments and raw emotions. We prefer this over heavily planned poses that may not be YOU. Instead we strive to get to know you and catch how you move and react together.

During your 'formal' portraits, we might give cues to elevate these natural moments by asking you to get closer, to dance, to kiss, to look at each other, and to embrace each other. Before you know it, you'll be naturals in front of the camera, and we will be clicking away, capturing your true essence as individuals and as a couple. 

Together, as a team, we hustle like it's our own day, making sure that we get that first look, that first hug, the moment your bridesmaids tear up... we live for being able to photograph the exact moments in time that you can look back on and treasure for a lifetime. We also make sure we get different angles. We never shoot from the same perspective. We want you to get different points-of-view of the day so we work hard together to do that.

We do want to also highlight that our work is heavily inspired by the outdoors. Epic landscapes, natural settings, or a greenhouse-like indoor location will top any ballroom. We are adventurous, spontaneous, and all about capturing unique individuals in beautiful places. 


we prefer candid photos too, but can YOU TAKE OUR FAMILY PORTRAITS on our wedding day?

Absolutely. Our own family and friends are so important to us so we get that your loved ones are also important to you. We know the value and significance of family portraits! Usually we'll ask our clients a few weeks before the wedding to give us a shot list of family members they want and then assign someone to gather them after the ceremony. We tend to do this part quickly and efficiently, making sure that we go through that list, but still ensuring you both get time to yourselves

How much do you charge for wedding photography and what comes with the wedding package?


Our packages are set based on how many hours of coverage are needed for your event. Each package will include us both as your wedding photographers, an engagement session with one photographer, and the digital images that will be provided in an online gallery. Our most popular package is for 8 hours and this is for $4000.


We can’t and never promise a certain amount of photos because it greatly depends on you and your day. It can vary depending on how many hours you might need coverage of course, but some other factors may also affect the amount of photos. Are you having a first look? Do you want to take some portraits during sunset? Do you want us there while you get ready? (we love this part!!) Will there be formals before/after the ceremony? To give you an idea, on an eight hour wedding day, we typically deliver 800+ photos, more or less. Culling and editing is also such a huge part of our craft and we want to make sure we give you quality shots. Again, it depends a lot on your plans for your day. The only thing we CAN promise is that we will hustle as if it’s our own day, striving to capture as many moments as possible!

What if I only want engagement photographs?

We'd love to shoot your engagement session or couples' portraits. We also love other portraits like surprise proposals!

Sessions are available for $800 for couples and we try to encourage you to shoot about an hour or two before sunset.
*Travel fees may apply for locations that are more than two hours from Bellevue, WA 98007

will you take our family, maternity, graduation, and/or other portraits? 

At this time our focus is on couples’ portraits and weddings, but we also love doing these especially during the holidays! Reach out to us and we can see if we can make something happen! We’d love to hear your ideas.



We are storytellers at heart who see photography as a privilege. We don’t just take photos to take them, we take them so we can tell a story and provide a significant heirloom that you can keep for a lifetime. We see that chance as a true honor, and we want to do everything we can to capture you as the unique individuals that you are, no matter your gender. For us, love is love, and we want to tell yours in the most genuine way that is true to you.

Can we talk to you before we book?

We require this from all of our clients!

When picking a photographer - someone you'll be spending a lot of time with on your wedding day - you want to highly consider if you get along well together! You want to see if your personalities would be the right fit! This is why we always ask for a brief consultation or meeting before any final bookings. One of us will be usually available to meet with you over coffee (or beer) in person, but if you want to speak with us both, a video chat would be best!

This is also the reason why I encourage engagement sessions. This will help us to get comfortable with each other in preparation for your big day! 


What kind of gear do you have? 

Mike shoots with two camera bodies [5d Mark IV and 5D SR] at every wedding. Each body will have different types of lenses from 35, 50, to 85 and others. Jill shoots with a 5d Mark III and a 6d. We both shoot Canon which allow us to share lenses. While we almost always use natural light, we do have several flashes that we can use shall the need for them ever arise. However, we do tend to only use natural light and prefer to avoid external sources in order to capture the true ambience of the day as you remember it. 

Will you be available to help us in creating our timelines, photography checklists, etc.? 

Yes! As our client, we encourage you to contact us as needed during your wedding planning. We can help with a general photography timeline and assist in helping you come up with your photographic needs during your day! 

How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? What got you into weddings? 

Mike (that's me!) got into photography at a young age when my dad gave me a film camera. I started doing it as a serious hobby in 2011, recognizing the power of a lasting photograph. I started my business, M. Hitchner Photography, in 2012 and started as a second shooter for South Sound Weddings. While doing that, I continued to work on my craft by pursuing my passion: using photography as a way to move people and inspire action. As a budding environmentalist who's in love with exploring the great outdoors, I live to take photographs of epic landscapes, natural places, and wildlife to showcase how important these wild places are and encourage others to care for these places and species just as much.

Weddings became a natural progression and after six years of having the honor to shoot weddings, I did soon realize my place in the industry. I wanted to focus on outdoor weddings, adventurous couples, and natural storytelling. It's so inspiring and breathtaking to see real, genuine love in such naturally beautiful places.

Jill got into photography because of the adventures we have done together over the years. Our dates were usually spent searching for a trail, waking up early to shoot sunrise, and spending the afternoon chasing sunsets. Seeking beautiful locations became a wonderful routine and over the years with a camera on hand, she has learned so much about the craft. But beyond this, she has always been a true artist and a true romantic. She loves love stories and she has an eye for details and irreplaceable moments, making her a natural in wedding storytelling. She also has been a second shooter for many of my weddings and has been my true partner in life and my work, supporting my business from the beginning and has helped make it what it is today. 

Together, we believe there is something so captivating about getting to photograph a wedding day. A wedding to us is the culmination of a couple's journey. Not everyone gets to see the journey that took them to their wedding day, but they made it there and it's amazing to be able to be there to capture it.

Of course when the wedding is over, there is always that particular moment when the client or client's loved ones see the delivered photos and they beam with joy. It makes our hearts swell with so much pride. It's a true honor that we love having again and again. 

What are some of your favorite places? 

National Parks have a special place in our heart. Some of our favorites are Zion National Park in Utah, Yosemite National Park in California, and Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington state (this is where we got engaged!) If you're interested in seeing some of Mike's landscape work like these images below, please check them out at M. HITCHNER PHOTOGRAPHY or on his landscapes instagram!